Packing & Unpacking

Packing & Unpacking

Packing & Unpacking

Packing & Unpacking Services

Are you looking for professional moving services in greater Chicago area? Planning a move is not an easy task for many especially when you have to deal with work and family. Whether it is a long distant or a local move, one thing remains constant, packing. Though necessary, this is a tiring process that consumes most of the time you have allocated to the move.  This is where Middle Class Movers comes in.

Our goal 

Make the moving process easier and stress free for the client.

Our Team

Our team of experienced professionals specialize in multiple moving services including professional packing and unpacking.  Apart from your actual move, our professionals will make sure all items are carefully packed for a safe move. We will secure delicate furniture and electronics and arrange them efficiently in our moving trucks to ensure everything reaches the destination in one piece.

High Quality Professional Services

If you are moving from or within the greater Chicago area , Middle Class Movers will help you through the entire process including the packing and unpacking. First, the experts will take you through an easy-to-follow plan that will match with your schedules and meet all your expectations.

The services include a complete packing service package, loading and unloading, providing packing materials, and protection of fragile pieces. Our services are flexible to accommodate all our clients regardless of where we are in greater Chicago area and where we are moving to.

Packing Process

Our professional team will start with sorting which includes separating items to make sure they are safely packed. The next step is the actual packing which includes protecting items that can easily break during transportation. This is followed by loading and hauling of the packed items. If you choose the complete moving package, our team will help you unpack and leave your new home or office looking organized. We are here to help!

Our Services

Our company is dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs and make the moving process easier and stress free for the client.

The following are the service we provide:

  • Full Package: This is the complete package where our team handles every aspect of the packing and unpacking. We will make sure that we pack everything to the last item in moving boxes, haul it carefully, load, unload and unpack. With this package, you will have a smooth move without if you have some help with the processes with, we can provide the extra hand you need to complete the process.
  • Partial Packing: If you have some help with the processes, we can provide the extra hand you need to complete the process. We can handle the task that you can’t handle or have no time to attend to. If you need only a single room handled or the unpacking process, we have got you covered.
  • Special Items: Our team is trained and experienced in handling specialized items. These are possessions that are considered more valuable and fragile. For example, if you have a Piano you treasure and would like it moved, our team can make sure that your musical masterpiece is well taken care of. From the handling, packing, loading, transportation, offloading, to the unpacking of the item, you can rest assured that your item is in safe hands.

Packing and Moving Supplies

Regardless of what you are moving, our team has got you covered. We will go an extra mile in providing moving and packing materials that will make the entire process easier and more efficient.

Give us a call or request a quote today for secure packing and unpacking services or any information on moving services.


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