Moving Tips

Moving Tips Can be Stressful

Moving has to be one of the most strenuous activities you have to face in life. Whether you bought a house in a different location, changed jobs or just want to change your area, moving will have to be part of it. Moving has been almost synonymous with stress but with a few crucial tips, you can make this a stress-free process. The following are nifty tips you might want to keep close when planning a move.

  1. Pack a bag full of all the essential items you might need for the night. Chances are that you will be too tired to start unpacking immediately. This bag will come in handy because you can relax and unpack the following day. The essential items can be the clothes you need the next day, toiletries, laptop and any other item you might need immediately you get to the new house
  2. Use a clear plastic bin to pack items you might need first. There are important things such as a box cutter, phone charger, tools, toilet paper, selected cookware and utensils that you might need without unpacking everything. The bin needs to be clear to help you see through it and to separate it from the many other boxes.
  3. Labeling is very important. In addition to the normal labeling of the contents of the boxes, you can make things easier with a simple indication of the room the box should go to. The labels should be on the sides since you can easily identify them even in stacks. This will ensure that during offloading, the boxes are taken straight to the rooms they belong in, which makes everything easy when it comes to unpacking.
  4. Pack plates vertically. When plates are vertically packed, like records; they are less likely to break during the move.
  5. Press and seal magic. You can use press and seal to cover drawers to keep them and the items in them intact. Press and seal can also be used in keeping the jewelry display intact.
  6. Take a photo of electronic connections. Most people fumble with electronic connection after disconnecting them for a move. It is good to have a photographic memory and what better way than taking photos for an easier reconnection.
  7. Use laundry baskets, garbage bins and suitcases work for you. These packing items can greatly help you pack more items and cut down on box expenses.
  8. Number your boxes. It does not hurt to number all your boxes. This is a simple process that can greatly help you keep record of all the boxes you have. It will come in handy if you happen to forget a box in the house.

These are just a few of the many important tips that you will find useful when moving.

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